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Thoughts | Branding, Packaging, & Strategy for Food and Beverage CPG Brands

Musings about branding food products related to food packaging, food labels, beverage packaging, beverage labels, nutrition labels and shelf consistency through brand clarity and consistency through naming, marketing, print design, digital design for food and beverage companies for small to medium food producers in times of growth and transition in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.

What We're Reading

Friction by Jeff Rosenblum and Jordan Berg is a wonderful book.

1st - Wonderful in a way designers and publishers can truly appreciate. It's hard cover with deep flaps on the jacket, saddled stitched for sturdiness that allows multiple shares and re-reads. The pages are filled with space, vibrant images and high impact typography.

2nd - Wonderful in the way it both reinforces what we do and changes the way we think. We learned about the effects of technology on creativity (no bueno) and how to hold onto that critical asset. We learned how eliminating friction from the way we do business massively impacts the bottom line.

We learned only 1% of leaders excel at all three elements required for success; prioritizing, hiring and building team relationships. This both motivates us to look inward to strengthen our own deficiencies and reinforces the need for our services within the food and beverage industry. 

Yay MGC!