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The #1 Thing CPGs Desire Most

Shelf space.

The Smart Brief article, How to Gain Shelf Space with Grocers by Torrey Kim is spot on and speaks to many of our clients who are currently at the local and regional level of distribution.

We wholeheartedly agree with the way Kim considers packaging something to be tested, tweaked and adjusted. We meet some food and beverage producers who make large investments in packaging before thoroughly testing it with distributors, grocers and consumers.

Sometimes this is driven by deadlines without realizing how an untested package can kill future sales. It is painful to deal with the packaging problem with a year's worth of labels, bags or boxes in storage. Throwing it all out and starting over is a waste that few small producers can absorb.

In other cases, producers feel they are trapped within their current system. The can only use this one co-packer or that kitchen or this type of lid. Often when we are able to work alongside our clients we can discover solutions for packaging with better functionality, improved shipping, more easily stockable, designed for better sell through at an equal or even lower cost.

A critical element to gaining shelf space is BRANDING. Branding is what makes your product different from all others on the shelf. It's what allows you to charge more than the generic brand. It tells the story of your flavor, ingredients and process that resonates with shoppers. It's how consumers Make Goood Choices when selecting your brand. Branding is the best way to achieve sell through; the one thing that allows you to KEEP your shelf space.