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Retail Elevates Importance of Branding

The story this package design journey tells is of the critical importance of your brand. Jeni's sells pints in their own scoop shops and when you are there, you know you're only getting Jeni's Ice Cream. But, once upon a time . . .

Jeni's cute little pint set out to see the world and rolled across the street to the supermarket. Ahh, the sights and smells were like nothing the pint ever experienced. There were so many things to look at, the pint didn't know where to begin but this adventure should be shared. The pint invited friends who sat together behind the freezer door, hoping someone would notice.

The pint grew sad as other pints were chosen but he continued to be left behind. Momma Pint always said, "It's what's on the inside that counts so, just be yourself." The pint realized Momma Pint was wrong. Having the best outside is the only way to get people to look at the inside. 

Knowing he had a great inside, the pint became determined to reflect his goodness on the outside too. He poured himself into a new container and shouted out his delicious flavors. Oh, those flavors are absolutely irresistible. The pint confidently lined up to be chosen, but sadly he was overlooked again. *sigh* 

Branding is key for retail success.

Branding is key for retail success.

After a period of sadness, the pint again became determined to find a way to get noticed. He studied his more popular freezer-mates and noticed they all had a connection with customers. The shoppers knew them by name and trusted them. 

The pint realized that he had to introduce himself. He had to tell customers who he is, be a friend. Once shoppers got to know the pint, his origins and his story, they began to look for him each time they came into the busy store. They enjoyed the pint so much they took pictures with him and showed it to all their friends.

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