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Millennials Love Store Brands

Is any aspect of the marketplace immune from Millennial disruption? We don't think so. Case in point: store brands. Millennials love them. Value them. View them in a positive light. The up and coming generation's older counterparts view the very same products as generic, cheap and undesirable. 

Apparently Sprouts knows all about this research. Their store brand products are thoughtfully themed and occupy prime shelf space plus feature displays. The Sprouts fall pumpkin line is impressively thorough with cereal, chips, salad dressing, beverages, and bakery items.


In contrast, Natural Grocers brands bulk items at the back of the store while front-of-the-store shelf space is primed and ready for quality, delicious store-branded goodness.

Bottom line ... store brands currently have a tremendous opportunity. Carpe Diem! Boy, oh boy, if you let us get our anxious, capable branding fingers on that store cracker/soda/cereal/water/pasta/snack mix we would have all of those Millennials lining up and begging for more.

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