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Cool News for Frozen Treats

A bit of cool industry news from Project Nosh about the growth in frozen desserts. Consumers are clamoring for three things; natural ingredients, innovative flavors and devil-may-care, throw caution to the wind, full-fat indulgence. Sales of traditional frozen treats are seeing a decline as new categories advance. Project Nosh tells us "Frozen Dessert is a Hot Business" for brands like Vice Cream, My/Mo, Halo Top and Snow Monkey, of course we thought of our chill friends at Billy Goat Ice Cream Co. and Jared's Pro Pops.

We spoke with RaShaun Robinson at Stillwater, Oklahoma’s Billy Goat Ice Cream Company. He knows all about the cool trends and is building his company accordingly. Robinson prefers eating locally sourced, quality, whole foods and hopes his customers share those same values. He turned the traditional food label on its head for their lactose free, premium ice cream to speak to that audience. The straight forward packaging eliminates the frills to highlight what they call ‘the goodness inside.’

The Make Goood Choices team can verify the sweet indulgent 'goodness inside' every bite of Billy Goat Ice Cream. Pass the spoon!

“We want consumers to see our nutrition label and ingredients. It’s all good stuff you can pronounce. We don’t hide anything in tiny fonts,” said co-owner Robinson.

Jared Toay hits up the natural trend in a totally unique way. Drum roll please ... introducing ... probiotic popsicles ... ProPops! Made with fermented fruits, sugar and other whole food ingredients, these tasty treats allow you to indulge and heal your gut at the same time. Genius. What's not to love about Vietnamese Coffee, Toasted Coconut, Pineapple, and Strawberry flavors?

We got to meet Jared in his kitchen and learn more about his fermenting passion. Fed up with the common condition of persistent digestion-gone-wrong, Jared took matters into his own hands. After healing his own gut with fermented foods, Jared just couldn't zip those lips about it. He is passionate about educating others. He shares his research, personal experience and scientific discoveries on his web site. The web site is also the spot to learn about and order all of his other fermented goodness; kombucha, ProPop Soda, fermented grain-free granola and whatever secret in currently brewing in his kitchen.

Get you some and heal that belly! 

Jared Toay, part chef and part scientist, creates kombucha, kefir sodas, probiotic popsicles and probiotic granola. 

Jared Toay, part chef and part scientist, creates kombucha, kefir sodas, probiotic popsicles and probiotic granola. 

Joel Schierloh