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Cool Beverage Package Design Threshold Lowered

When it comes to beverage branding, we give Shiner an A++. The consistency of their message is unmatched in all the world of CPG marketing. They not only embrace their community, they elevate it. Shiner, Texas and Shiner beer are inseparable. 

Sadly, you are not Shiner. 

You are likely just as cool and awesome and smart and witty as Shiner, but the volume required to get the cool packaging your product deserves is unattainable. It belies your smartness. Too much inventory eats too much cash flow and sits in the warehouse too long. Oh, you don't have a warehouse. :( 

Fear not, short run digitally printed shrink sleeves are here.

Yup. You can order by the ½ pallet and even ... by the case. *gasp* 

We'll be checking Instagram and standing by to create your most amazing beverage package design while you check out the Can Source web site. Double tap.

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Joel Schierloh